Difference between Wordpress and Blogger

What is Difference Between Blogger and WordPress ?

Difference between Blogger and WordPress : Do you want to create a website? And If are you confused that on which CMS you should create your website, then this article is for you. Because in today’s article we are going to share the Difference between Blogger and WordPress.

After reading this complete article, it will be clear to you that on which platform you should create your website. So, just read and enjoy this article.

Difference Between Blogger and WordPress

About Blogger

Blogger is a CMS (Content Management System) which is a product by Google. On Blogger, you can create a free website which is hosted by Google and hence there is no problem like site is down type. But the main thing on Blogger is that, the main control of your website is in Google’s hands. Google can ban your website anytime, if
you don’t follow the Terms and Conditions of Blogger.

1- Customizations and Plugins

As Blogger is free, therefore, it does not provide you a lot of options to customize your website. Although, you can use some free templates which is provided by Blogger. And you can also download any template and then install it on your Blogger website.

You can do some basic and simple customizations on Blogger depending upon the template selected by you. You can also purchase some paid template themes onlines to use it on your Blogger website. There are no Plugins on Blogger.

2- Blogger Cost

There is no problem of cost, if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest on your website. As Blogger is a free platform, therefore, there is no problem of web hosting, because it is hosted by Google servers. But, if you want to add a custom domain to your website like .com, .in or any other domain extension then you can also add them, but you will have to pay for the domain.

So, on Blogger there is investment only in domain name, only if you want to add a custom domain name. Otherwise, there are no charges on Blogger.

3- Website Speed

There is no problem is speed on Blogger. But, basically, it depends on the theme which you have used on your website. If you use a light weight theme on your website then the speed of the website will be faster.

But, if, you use a heavy theme on your website then the speed of your website will be slower. So, it totally depends on the theme which you are using.

4- Ranking Factor

There is no problem in Ranking of the website on Blogger. It all depends on your On- Page SEO techniques. Better the On-Page SEO, higher the website will Rank. So, there will be no difference in Ranking.

About WordPress

WordPress is also an Open-Source CMS project. WordPress is a better option. On WordPress, all control of your website is in your hands. If your website is down, then only you are responsible for it. Because, to create a website on WordPress you will have to purchase web hosting to host your website.

1- Customizations and Plugins

If we talk about the Customizations on WordPress then there are thousands of Customizations in WordPress as we have paid an amount on hosting to create website on WordPress.

The main reason of these thousands of Customizations on WordPress is that, you get various Plugins on WordPress which allows you to customize your website in the way which you like. Although some of the Plugins are paid, but with some free Plugins, you can create a nice and good looking website.

2- WordPress Themes

You can get thousand of themes on WordPress which includes paid and free themes. In the beginning, you can use some free themes but after earning some money, you can purchase the paid version of the free themes.

3- WordPress Cost

If you want to create a website on WordPress, then you will have to pay some price for the web hosting, because there no free hosting provider on WordPress like Blogger’s CMS.

4- Website Speed

As we have discussed that there are thousands of Plugins on WordPress, which allows you to customize your website. So, with the help of those plugins you can make you site faster or even fastest. But not only Plugins will make your site faster, the speed of the WordPress website is also depended upon the web hosting which you have purchased.

But, if you have purchased web hosting from a good web hosting provider, then definetely, you can use WordPress Plugins and make your web site faster. To increase the website speed, reduce the image’s size which you uploads on your website.

5- Ranking Factor

Ranking is depended upon On-Page SEO techniques, but there are plugins WordPress to improve your On-page SEO. You can simply download the Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugin to improve your website’s On-page SEO score. So, on WordPress, we’ve got an option to improve On-page SEO.

Pros And Cons of Blogger and WordPress


                                   PROS                        CONS
  • Free CMS, No need to pay any charges to create a free website.
  •  Not enough customization options.
  • No issue of Site is Down.
  •  No Plugins .
  • Website loads at a good speed,depending upon the theme.
  •  You cannot speed up your website enough.


                                  PROS                                  CONS
  • Lot of options to customize your website.
  • Paid CMS, You have to pay to create your website on WordPress.
  • You get thousands of Plugins to make your website attractive.
  •  Site down problem, if your hosting is not good.
  • You can use Plugins to speed up your website.


If you have a good amount of money and you are capable of investing money in Blogging then you should go with WordPress. Because WordPress is much better than Blogger in our opinion.

But if you are not capable of investing money in Blogging then you can choose Blogger to create your website. Blogger is also a nice option.

It is depended upon you that if you want to invest in Blogging or not? So, friends, this was the complete article on Difference Between Blogger and WordPress. We hope that you have liked this article, and if you did then share this article with your friends to share this valueable content. If you believe in Sharing is Caring, then share this article.

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